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  • Help my cat won’t eat!
    Help my cat won’t eat! If your cat is fussy and you need to feed a different diet, you may have encountered how much your cat dislikes change. Many of us find Read more
  • Why Your Pets Needs to See the Dentist Every 6 Months
    Why Your Pet Needs To See The Dentist Every 6 Months Eighty percent of dogs and cats over the age of three suffer from dental disease. That's a lot of pets with painful mouths! And Read more
  • Leash Holding – Could it Really be Dangerous?
    Leash Holding – Could it Really be Dangerous? There is a right way and several wrong ways to hold your dog's leash. Avoid injuries to you and your dog and do Read more
  • Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head
    Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head If you’ve ever gone to sleep with a cat at your feet, there’s a fairly good chance you’ve woken up with your face Read more
  • How to Pet a Dog
    How to Pet a Dog Print The way you pet a dog can make you his favorite person — or the human he’s always trying to avoid. Certain red-flag petting tactics send most dogs running Read more


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Kaiser and staff are awesome. Great customer service. They deal with the pet insurance company directly for you so you don't have to pay what is covered directly out of pocket. They have gone above and beyond to help our fur baby. Super clean! We love to see Harry (the beautiful St. Bernard) growing up as well!"
    Nicole P.
  • "I called and was able to get an appt the same day. The office was very clean and customer service was very exceptional. Dr. Kaiser took her time to go explain everything and get a thorough history. Sick call exam and consultation came up to $51.75. She also offered a deal on pet insurance. Overall we had a very good experience."
    Charlene H.