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The aftermath of Covid 19 has left many pet owners looking for vet care for dogs as well as vet care for cats. Many families acquired new pets and others had a period of time where they missed some veterinary care. The good news is that as a small business that is women owned and local, we have a pet clinic that is fully open post pandemic and is ready to provide the regular dog care and cat care that you need. These services can range from dog and cat vaccines, to blood testing for dogs and cats, dog x-rays, cat x-rays, pet teeth cleaning, new puppy or kitten check ups, and all manner of wellness care or illness care. If you have a dog that is vomiting, a cat that is having accidents, a new puppy needing a first exam or any other veterinary service please contact us and select from one of our readily available dog or cat appointments. We are able to fit you in to get your pet up to date, examined, diagnosed and treated as needed. Many owners will simply search the internet for vet near me Mandarin, or vet in Jacksonville or even pet shots. But we hope you find us here as a local provider of veterinary services in Mandarin, Jacksonville. We are committed to getting you in and seen for dog teeth cleanings, cat vomiting issue, pet allergies and any one of the array of reasons you may be looking for a pet vet near you in Mandarin, Jacksonville. Let us assist you and make puppy vet care, kitten spays, and more -  easier than you ever could have imagined and all right here in Mandarin, Jacksonville.

Questions like how much is the exam fee, why is my dog itching, why is my dog having diarrhea, help; my dog ate the trash, at what age should I fix my dog, how old should my dog be to get its first shot, where is the closest vet near me in Mandarin, Jacksonville and more can be answered with one simple phone call to us.  As a Mandarin vet for over 11 years we have heard it all. We have even heard things like my dog ate a pound of butter ( well that was actually Dr. Kaisers dog ) or help, my dog ate a box of cat litter. Actually, that was also Dr. Kaiser's dog. But, as you can see we have seen it all and managed it all and when needed we have even referred to our great local specialist too. Here as a local vet in Mandarin for such a long time we know that people search to find a vet in Mandarin to help them with shots before boarding, treatment for allergies, snake bites, dog bites, cat abscesses, ticks and fleas, heartworm prevention, pet toxins and the list does go on and on. 

We know pet owners want to know the costs for example of the dental cleaning, the dog neuter, the cat with hairballs and the cat that has a uti or blockage. We provide useful and specific estimates for each client during a pet exam and we help the same pet owners understand how they can afford their pets care.

Give us a call and let us work with you and get your pet in top notch condition based on a fair estimate that lets you stay in charge of your pets veterinary bills.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I began working for Dr. Kaiser at the Animal Clinic of Mandarin over 3 years ago. I decided
    to get a new Lab mix puppy and made the decision to enroll Zuri in Trupanion. I made this
    decision after hearing other employees and Dr. Kaiser talking about how great it has been for
    their own pets and our clients.
    Within the first 6 months my puppy Zuri’s knee kept coming out of place and she would stiffen
    up and could only walk on 3 legs. She had to have surgery and between working with Dr. Kaiser
    and the specialist I couldn’t have been happier that I was able to take care of Zuri and give her
    the treatment that was needed at such a young age. I now have no worries as she grows older
    that I won’t be able to take care of her financially. I recently added a new 1 year old rescue Great
    Dane, Zane to our family. He also has Trupanion because I can’t imagine the cost if something
    happens to him being such a large dog."
    Melissa P.
  • "Dr. Kaiser and staff are awesome. Great customer service. They deal with the pet insurance company directly for you so you don't have to pay what is covered directly out of pocket. They have gone above and beyond to help our fur baby. Super clean! We love to see Harry (the beautiful St. Bernard) growing up as well!"
    Nicole P.
  • "I called and was able to get an appt the same day. The office was very clean and customer service was very exceptional. Dr. Kaiser took her time to go explain everything and get a thorough history. Sick call exam and consultation came up to $51.75. She also offered a deal on pet insurance. Overall we had a very good experience."
    Charlene H.