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Trupanion is proud to debut our new plan in the Sunshine State. Florida residents will have the first chance to experience our new product that includes more benefits, more transparency, and more financial flexibility. Because your pet deserves nothing less than the best.

See below for more information on this latest and greatest plan, or give us a call 24/7 if you’d like to talk to our policy experts or get a quote for your pet: 866.615.0126. 

Giving you flexibility and control

We’ve gotten rid of deductibles so we can truly be there for things both big and small. When you sign up, you can choose the percentage of the covered costs you’d like us to pay. Anywhere between 50% and 100%. Whatever works best for your budget and lifestyle. We’ll even chip in for taxes.

Coverage transparency from the start

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to medical insurance. We get it. That’s why we provide a Coverage Summary, so you know what to expect with your pet’s coverage from Trupanion.

Protection from the unexpected

Simply put, all pets protected by The Trupanion Plan receive the same coverage for all new illnesses and injuries.  There are no gold, silver, or bronze plans to consider. Only one plan that has what it takes to cover your pet when they need it most.

Take control over your monthly costs

We offer the most flexible payout available, so that you’re in control of your monthly costs. When you sign up, you can pick the payout percentage that works best for your budget and lifestyle—anywhere from 50% to 100% for all eligible costs.

During your first 30 days, you’ll have unlimited opportunities to increase or decrease the percentage we pay. After that, you may only decrease the payout percentage. Changes take effect the following month.

Your furry Floridian families get even more benefits from this new plan

Trupanion is at the forefront of the pet medical insurance industry—innovating and evolving to give you and your pet a revolutionary new plan.

In addition for coverage from the unexpected, you have no annual or lifetime payout limits or deductibles. And just for Florida residents, our core plan includes treatments like hydrotherapy, rehabilitative therapy, and chiropractic care. 





Diagnostic tests


Orthotic and mobility devices












Advanced dentistry


And so much more

Icon showing grey outline of cats and dogs with word WHO

All dogs and cats from birth to 14 years of age, regardless of breed, can sign up for lifelong coverage.

Icon showing grey calendar with orange word WHEN

Coverage begins after a single, simplified 12-day waiting period. This can be waived with an Exam Day Offer for immediate coverage.

Icon showing grey pie chart with orange word WHAT

The only company that gives members the freedom to pick their payout percentage and can pay hospitals directly at checkout with no payout limits.

Icon showing grey vet hospital with orange word WHERE

Visit any veterinary, emergency care, or specialty hospital in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia, including US and Canadian military installations.

Trupanion Calvin






bailey-bob-animal-clinic-of-mandarin-testimonial.pdf .

Condition: Dislocating kneecaps

Trupanion Paid: $2,499.84

Please Contact The Animal Clinic of Mandarin at 904-262-2953 for more information!!

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I began working for Dr. Kaiser at the Animal Clinic of Mandarin over 3 years ago. I decided
    to get a new Lab mix puppy and made the decision to enroll Zuri in Trupanion. I made this
    decision after hearing other employees and Dr. Kaiser talking about how great it has been for
    their own pets and our clients.
    Within the first 6 months my puppy Zuri’s knee kept coming out of place and she would stiffen
    up and could only walk on 3 legs. She had to have surgery and between working with Dr. Kaiser
    and the specialist I couldn’t have been happier that I was able to take care of Zuri and give her
    the treatment that was needed at such a young age. I now have no worries as she grows older
    that I won’t be able to take care of her financially. I recently added a new 1 year old rescue Great
    Dane, Zane to our family. He also has Trupanion because I can’t imagine the cost if something
    happens to him being such a large dog."
    Melissa P.
  • "Dr. Kaiser and staff are awesome. Great customer service. They deal with the pet insurance company directly for you so you don't have to pay what is covered directly out of pocket. They have gone above and beyond to help our fur baby. Super clean! We love to see Harry (the beautiful St. Bernard) growing up as well!"
    Nicole P.
  • "I called and was able to get an appt the same day. The office was very clean and customer service was very exceptional. Dr. Kaiser took her time to go explain everything and get a thorough history. Sick call exam and consultation came up to $51.75. She also offered a deal on pet insurance. Overall we had a very good experience."
    Charlene H.